Pink Tesla With Pink Accessories

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When you want to add flair to match your unique personality, it’s time for pink Tesla accessories. They’re a cute way to let everyone know you’re fun, carefree, and ready to enjoy the day.

We’ve looked high and low to gather this list of stylish accessories for your Pink Tesla. Every item will last a long time, providing an elegant appearance with quality construction.

Our Model Y Pink Accessories

Best Pink Accessories Reviewed

Pink Tesla Model Y Car Seat Cover

Combining form with function is always the best. And these pink Tesla Car Seat Covers go above and beyond by not only looking great but also adding a useful protective barrier.

This 12-piece set is expertly crafted to match every bend and fold. They don’t restrict the side airbags and still allow the use of the rear center cup holders. As if that’s not enough, the center armrest also gets a pink makeover.

Made from eco-friendly materials, these Model Y Seat Covers are breathable and wear-resistant, they also incorporate a layer of 36d high-elastic sponge to make your seats more comfortable than ever.

Tesla Pink Screen Frame

Screens are a big part of our lives, and like our phones, you can get cute pink accessories for your Tesla screen!

It protects the entire exterior bezel while adding a touch of personality to your car. With this pink Tesla accessory, every time you look at your screen, you’ll get a little pop of color looking back at you.

By utilizing high-quality silicone rubber, this pink screen frame instantly snaps into place. Plus, it protects your screen’s edges from scratches and fingerprints.

Bling Door Handle Protectors

These pink Tesla handle protectors add a crystal rhinestone shine and sparkly touch and they are carefully cut to match the handle shape and be installed in seconds.

Besides giving that pop of color you want, they also help keep the handles cool. Even on those blistering summer days when the sun is shining directly on them, you’ll get a comfortable grip.

Installation is a breeze and the adhesive is strong, so you can get through rain, car washes, and every day demands without concern. Your pink door handle protectors will stay right where they need to be.

Tesla Pink Cup Holder

The center console is minimalistic and sleek, but it could use a dash of pink to brighten up the space. That’s where this pink Tesla cup holder is the perfect touch.

The silicone construction reduces noise of things rattling around and keeps your drinks more secure. But when the inevitable spill happens, you can easily pop out the insert for cleaning.

What’s not to love about this adorable pink cup holder?

Pink Key Card Holder Case

Tesla key cards offer a convenient way to access your car without your phone or fob. But they’re easy to misplace.

To add a cute pink accessory that helps you keep track of your key card, get this pink holder case. It also makes sure your Tesla card doesn’t get lost in the crowd when you hand it to a valet.

It comes with different attachments to fit your lifestyle, including a magnetic quick-release and a more secure hook. No matter what you need, your key card is now stylish and ready to go.

Pink Key Fob Cover

Made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, this pink key fob cover adds a layer of protection along with the adorable color.

It has a professional, clean look that fits perfectly around the fob. This pink Tesla accessory is sure to showcase your lovely taste, while still providing full access to all the buttons on your Tesla key fob.

To help prevent scratches, the aluminum cover comes with adhesive padding to stick between the cover and your fob.

Pink Caliper Covers

Adding pink accessories can also increase your Tesla’s high-performance look. These pink caliper covers look like an oversized brake upgrade, at a fraction of the cost.

They fit most Tesla wheels and come with black and white Tesla lettering to look like a factory option. The installation is straight forward, although you do have to remove the wheels to access the calipers.

When you’re looking to add a dash of pink color to the exterior of your Tesla, these Tesla Caliper Covers are a subtle yet elegant way to get it.

Pink Steering Wheel Cover

As the part that’s almost always in your line of sight, adding a pink steering wheel cover can make a big difference. It keeps your day bright and optimistic, while also keeping your hands comfortable no matter the temperature.

The installation is a breeze, the Tesla pink accessory helps keep your steering wheel looking great, while also increasing comfort while driving. Plus, it acts as a layer of insulation that reduces the heat or cold from reaching your hands.

Yeapop Bling Bling Pink Logo Emblems

This Emblem logo is a subtle yet incredible way to enhance your Tesla’s style, it flawlessly goes over the existing logo, providing a rhinestone bling that catches your eye.

The adhesive is secure, providing a long-lasting hold with its rapid installation. They’re precision cut to match your Tesla decal and cover a nice patch of the steering wheel with a crystal look.

When you want to add a touch of luxury to the interior of your Tesla, this Bling Decal Cover is the perfect choice.

Tesla Pink Door Lights

The door lights are always a nice sight at night, but did you know that you can easily swap them out? Get rid of the bland stock color and let Tesla Pink Door Lights shine instead.

These are ultra-bright and high-quality lamps that won’t let you down. They connect to the stock connectors, so you don’t have to do any electrical work, and still provide plenty of illumination whenever you open your Tesla doors, just now with a more adorable color.

A recent design upgrade ensures they’re just as stable as the original lights with a perfect fit in the door.

Our Verdict

There are so many opportunities to add pink accessories to your Tesla, the toughest decision is where to start.

Go with the full 12-piece Pink Tesla Seat Covers to transform your entire interior, or add a hint of pink bling with the Crystal Rhinestone Door Handle Covers. No matter what you choose, your pink Tesla will shine above the crowd.

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