Tesla Premium Connectivity

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Tesla offers a Premium Connectivity subscription on top of its free Standard Connectivity. Premium adds unique features and enhanced streaming to your vehicle.

This article provides everything you need to know about Tesla Premium to determine if it’s right for you.

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    What Is Premium Connectivity?

    By subscribing to Premium Connectivity, you receive added features. Plus, you can use your Tesla’s cellular connection for select services restricted to WiFi.

    The main benefits of Premium Connectivity include:

    1. Better security: Sentry Mode Live Camera
    2. Maps features: View live traffic and satellite maps
    3. Media: Music and video streaming without WiFi

    What’s the Cost of Premium Connectivity?

    You can enroll in Premium Connectivity for a monthly subscription of $9.99 plus tax. Or you can buy an annual subscription of $99 plus tax.

    The cost of Premium Connectivity is the same for every Tesla model sold after June 20, 2018. Tesla vehicles ordered on or before June 20, 2018 include Premium Connectivity.

    Is There a Free Trial for Tesla Premium Connectivity?

    Tesla offers a free trial for Premium Connectivity. The length depends on the model and how you bought it:

    • Model S and Model X new orders: One-year trial
    • Model 3 and Model Y new orders: 30-day trail
    • Any used vehicle: 30-day trial

    How To Buy Tesla Premium Connectivity

    Buy Tesla Premium Connectivity through your vehicle’s touchscreen or the Tesla app.

    From the vehicle touchscreen:

    • Verify your software is running version 2021.40.5 or later
    • Go to Controls, then tap Upgrades
    • Find Premium Connectivity and select Swipe to Purchase
    • Your features will be available once your vehicle has a chance to update the software
    • If your billing information is incomplete, finish enrollment in your Tesla app

    From the Tesla app:

    • Open the app, select your vehicle, and press Upgrade
    • Select Software Upgrades, then press Subscribe at the top
    • Find Premium Connectivity and select Add
    • Choose your billing option, press Next, and complete the checkout process
    • Your Premium Connectivity features will be available once the software updates

    Can You Cancel Premium Connectivity?

    You are free to cancel Tesla Premium Connectivity at any time. But Tesla does not refund any past payments, in part or in full. You will have your Premium Connectivity features for the rest of the period, and your subscription will not renew.

    To cancel your Premium Connectivity subscription, go to the Tesla app:

    Source: @ProTesla
    Source: @ProTesla
    • Tap Upgrades, then Manage Upgrades
    • Locate Premium Connectivity and tap Manage
    • There is a Cancel button next to Premium Connectivity
    • Your services will continue until the end of the billing cycle

    What Do You Get With Premium Connectivity?

    There are three main benefits of Premium Connectivity. They include navigation upgrades, Sentry Live Video, and increased cellular services.

    Premium Connectivity provides two extra visualization features through the in-car Navigation app. Standard Connectivity provides navigation and accounts for traffic. But Premium Connectivity shows you Live Traffic Visualization. It also adds the option to see Satellite-View Maps.

    Premium Connectivity also adds the Live Video feed from Sentry Mode. Standard Connectivity doesn’t provide Live Video. But it still allows remote app controls including climate setting.

    Standard Connectivity allows you to use a WiFi hotspot for in-car apps. These include streaming music and media, browsing the internet, and using the Carakoe. Premium Connectivity uses your Tesla’s existing cellular connection instead. You don’t need separate WiFi to use these in-car apps with Premium.

    You must have a subscription to the streaming service like Netflix for the in-car service to work.

    What Is the Difference Between Standard and Premium Connectivity on a Tesla?

    Here is a table summarizing the difference between Tesla Standard and Premium:

    Navigation (with traffic-based route adjustments)IncludedIncluded
    Live Traffic Visible on MapIncluded
    Satellite View Visible on MapIncluded
    Sentry Mode Live View Camera Included
    Internet BrowsingWiFi RequiredIncluded
    Music/Media StreamingWiFi RequiredIncluded
    CaraokeWiFi RequiredIncluded

    What Are the Benefits of Premium Connectivity Tesla?

    Premium Connectivity provides a more seamless experience with your Tesla.

    You don’t have to use Bluetooth streaming or connect your Tesla to your phone’s WiFi hotspot to use the in-car apps.

    It also enhances your security with Sentry’s Live Video feed. You can see what’s going on around your car no matter where you are. Without Premium, you can still use most of Sentry’s features, but you don’t get Live Video. 

    Sentry mode is perfect for leaving your dog in the car with climate control, and with Premium you can keep an eye on them through the app.

    Is It Worth It?

    I’m a big fan of the Sentry Mode Live Video feed and think that alone is worth the cost of the Premium Connectivity. Being able to see what’s going on around my car at any time is an incredible feature. It provides peace of mind when I’m downtown or have my car parked at the airport.

    I also love seeing the traffic visualization. Since you can’t see the traffic with the Standard Connectivity package, it’s hard to trust you’re on the best route. One turn in the wrong direction can waste a lot of time. I’d rather be able to see exactly where the traffic is and make my own adjustments.

    Seeing the satellite maps is helpful, especially when on road trips. It can help you plan for what’s ahead. If you’re about to leave a forested area into the scorching sun, you’ll know beforehand.

    Streaming services are great for a hassle-free experience. It’s nice to hop in my car and not have to worry about connecting to my phone. It also provides endless entertainment for any passengers.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla Premium Connectivity adds unique features to your car. These include enhanced cellular streaming capabilities, plus navigation visualizations for maps. It also adds a Live Video feed from Sentry Mode.

    It’s a subscription service you can cancel at any time but no refunds are available.

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