How to Clean Your Tesla Seats?

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Are you wondering how you can clean the seats of your Tesla car? Not sure of the soap or detergents to use? It should not be a hustle to keep the seats of a Tesla clean.

Tesla seats can be cleaned by using warm water and non-detergent soap. You can also use cleaners designed for leather seats. This article will take you through simple ways of cleaning your Tesla seats.

Easy and Free Cleaning Way

In most models, Tesla uses vegan leather seats, which come in white and black. There are expensive detergents or professional cleaning services available. It is easy to clean your Tesla and achieve similar results. You don’t need professional cleaning services since you can clean the car without challenges.

You will clean the seat using cheap household supplies, probably already in your home. The self-cleaning process applies to all Tesla seats.

The items you need include:

Soap: The regular liquid soap used for dishes can be used. You should avoid using detergents because they contain chemicals. These chemicals can adversely affect the quality and color of the seats.

Two pieces of clean and soft pieces of cloth

Clean water

A spray bottle

Cleaning Way Step By Steps

1. Mix the soap with water in a spray bottle.

2. Spray the soapy water to the seats, and begin with the stained patches.

3. Wipe the dirt using one of the clothing pieces. If you have no piece of cloth for this step, you can use a brush with soft bristles. The dirt may take time to clear from the seats, especially if you have not cleaned the seats for a while.

4. Wipe the seats gently in circular motions. Do not wipe too hard or use hard or metallic brushes because they will damage the seats or weaken their quality.

5. Once the seats are clean, use the second piece of cloth. The cloth should remove all the water on the seats and prevent the seats from cracking later on.

6. Let the seats dry in the open. No equipment is required to speed up the drying process.

Cleaner for Tesla Seats

Many Tesla users prefer using Car Guys cleaner. It is a cleaner designed using nano-technology, which improves its efficiency. 

Car Guys cleaner is water-based and has no chemicals affecting the seat’s material. The cleaner is designed to lift dirt from all surfaces, and you will not struggle to scrub.

When you purchase a Car Guys cleaner, it comes with a piece of cloth. The microfiber cloth easily wipes off the dirt when the cleaner lifts the dirt from the seats.

Car Guys cleaner is concentrated and can be diluted to satisfaction depending on the type and amount of stains. Most cleaners can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:20. A diluted cleaner makes it easy to estimate the required amounts and avoid wastage.

It would be best to clean stains when they are still new on the seats. You will require less time and a little amount of cleaner when cleaning. You may damage the leather seats when you are struggle to remove dried stains.

How to Remove Dirt and Stains from Your White Tesla Seats

Cleaning can differ for people with black seats from those with white seats. Car Guys cleaner works well with all seats.

Most Tesla users with white seats always have baby wipes inside the car. White seats are easily stained, hence the need for extra precaution measures. Cleaning dirt using child wipes is easy before it stains the chairs.

Tesla’s user manual recommends using a soft cloth to clean white seats. The cloth can be soaked in clean soapy water with a non-detergent. The simple cleaning is enough to remove stains from the vegan leather seats. It would help if you cleaned the seats once a week to avoid damaging the quality of the seats.

The vegan leather is designed to repel the formation of stains. Regular cleaning gives the seats a new look after removing the stains. Tesla cautions against using bleaching agents or cleaning materials with alcohol content. Bleaching agents can cause permanent color changes to the seat.

You should remove chemical and dye spills immediately. Chemicals affect the seat quality if left for a long time, resulting in long-lasting stains. Ensure your clothes, such as denim jeans, do not leave stains on the seats. Using clean water and soap is enough to clean chemicals and dyes from the seats.

How to Care for Tesla Seats

Tesla seats should be protected from stains. Most Tesla owners use leather protectors, which keep the seats from dirt. The leather protector can reduce the need to clean the seats frequently.

Before adding the lather protector, ensure the seats are clean and dry. Use a clean cloth to apply the leather protector. Most leather protectors come with a thin cloth for applying the leather shield. Rub the leather protector smoothly to be satisfactory and wipe out any excess.

Leather protectors should be changed every six months. If you use your car daily and it is exposed to the sun for a long time, change the leather shield every four months. The period will also depend on the amount of dirt accumulating on the leather shield. 

There are ceramic coatings which act as leather shields. The coating is a barrier against stains. Ceramics’ anti-stain capabilities enable the seats to maintain a new look for a long time.

Your cleaning routine will determine how long the seats will last. Use the recommended washing materials and clear any spills immediately. You do not need expensive cleaning services to take care of Tesla seats. 

Ensure you have baby wipes in your care, especially if you have white seats. Remove any dirt before it sticks. Use the right cleaners to remove chemicals or dyes within the shortest time possible.

Our Verdict

Cleaning Tesla seats should not be a challenging task. You only need a soft cloth, clean tap water, and utensil soap to get started. These items are inexpensive and readily available in our households. 

Wipe any dirt gently to avoid damaging the seats. Avoid using detergents because they contain chemicals which can damage vegan leather.

The Car Guys cleaner can help you clean the seats and other parts of the car. You can get a leather protector to reduce the frequency of cleaning the seats. The seats will last longer and maintain their new look.

White seats are more likely to get dirty than black seats, and simple daily maintenance can help you reduce the time to clean your seats. Check out these simple tips on how to daily maintenance on white chairs.

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