Tesla Model Y Trunk Instruction Manual

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Knowing how to open, close, and adjust the liftgate on a Tesla Model Y might be simple than you imagine. There are many different ways to control the Tesla trunk to make sure you get the most convenience out of it. 

After reading this article, you’ll know all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Tesla Model Y liftgate.

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    How To Open Tesla Trunk

    As a result of the sleek and minimalist Tesla design, the buttons and levers to open the trunk that you might be accustomed to from older cars don’t exist on Teslas. Instead, there are a variety of electronic controls and buttons you can use, which are almost always located somewhere nearby.


    When you’re seated in the car, the touchscreen offers one of the quickest and easiest ways to open the Tesla trunk. When you put the car in park, you’ll notice an overhead view of your vehicle on the touchscreen. Simply click the ‘Open’ button near the trunk.

    You can also navigate to the ‘Controls’ section within your touchscreen to open the trunk.


    Another way you should learn how to open your Tesla trunk is through the Tesla app. Just open the app, go to ‘Controls’, then click the ‘Open’ button hovering over the trunk. This will open your tailgate from anywhere. 

    The trunk controls aren’t as quick as the frunk (front trunk) controls within the app. But since there are so many ways to open the trunk, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. At the very least, the physical button on the trunk makes it much easier to open than the frunk, which lacks a button.

    Key Fob

    The key fob is also capable of opening the Tesla Model Y tailgate. You just click the button over the trunk side of the key fob twice and it will open. The same double-click will close the trunk.

    The thicker side of the key fob is the end with your trunk controls. The other end has the logo and is supposed to be the front of the car. If you look at the key fob from the side, you can see how it mimics the design of the vehicle with a larger trunk and smaller front end.

    Voice Command

    When your hands are full, you can also use the Tesla voice commands to open the trunk. Click the right scroll wheel on your steering wheel or the microphone button on your touchscreen, which will allow you to use voice commands. Say “Open the trunk” and it will pop right open.

    Other voice commands include:

    • Turn on/off wipers
    • Lock/unlock doors
    • Show nearby Supercharges

    Buttons on the Trunk

    You might be pleased to know that you can still open the trunk with physical buttons. You’ll find the button hidden just under the Tesla logo. It is above the license plate and located on the underside of the overhanging trim piece, in the same spot many cars place the button to lift the tailgate. The button is covered with a little piece of rubber.

    Press this button and your Tesla tailgate will open. 

    How To Close the Tesla Trunk

    Closing a Tesla trunk is just as easy as opening it. Every way listed above for how to open the Tesla trunk can also close it.

    Whether you’re using the touchscreen or app, the button that says, ‘Open’ will switch to say ‘Close’ if the trunk is open. Just press that same button to close it. If it still says ‘Open’ that means the trunk is closed.

    You can use the same double-click on the key fob to close the trunk, as well as the voice command ‘Close trunk’ to shut it.

    The physical button is a slightly different process for closing than it is to open. Since the exterior one is out of reach, there is another button to close the Tesla trunk.

    It is located on the bottom side of the trunk itself, just to the right of the latch. When the trunk is open, press this button to close it. 

    And if the button is too high, keep reading to find out how you can lower the liftgate height to a level that meets your needs.

    How To Adjust Liftgate Opening Height

    If you want your Tesla Model Y liftgate to not open as much, you can adjust the height. It only takes seconds to do. This can be helpful to stop your tailgate from opening into your garage door and it can help keep the close button within reach.

    Here is how to adjust the liftgate opening height for a Tesla:

    1. Open the tailgate
    2. Manually push the tailgate down to the desired level
    3. Press and hold the close button on the tailgate for about three seconds, until you hear a beep
    4. Test the new setting by closing and opening the trunk
    5. It should now stop at the height it was at when you pressed the button and heard the beep

    This is a quick and easy way to adjust the tailgate height. And you can manually adjust the height when it is open without damaging the components. It can be difficult to stop it from opening all the way manually, however. So wait until it is fully open, then adjust as needed.

    Our Verdict

    You can open your Tesla trunk through just about any method you interact with your car. It’s in the touchscreen, on the app, and yes, this Tesla function still has physical buttons. 

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