Tesla Safety Score Not Showing

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Your Tesla can calculate a Safety Score based on your driving habits, but sometimes the Tesla Safety Score is not showing up where you’d expect it.

In this article, we’ll review why the Safety Score doesn’t show up and a variety of ways you can fix this.

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    Why Is the Safety Score Not Showing Up

    There are a few reasons your Tesla Safety Score isn’t showing up. They usually have to do with a software issue or your car’s connection. It also won’t show up if you haven’t driven your car or if you are not logged in under the primary owner’s account.

    You should be able to see the Safety Score in your Tesla app if:

    1. You have software 2023.2.12 or are enrolled in FSD Beta version 11.3 or higher.
    2. Your vehicle has a network connection (cellular or WiFi).
    3. You have driven at least 0.1 miles.

    How To Fix Tesla Safety Score Not Showing

    There are many ways to fix the Tesla Safety Score not showing up issues. Let’s go through these in detail.

    Uninstall and Install the App

    The first place to start is with your Tesla App. Sometimes it has problems updating automatically or can get a bug that isn’t easily resolved. 

    To fix this, uninstall and reinstall the Tesla App on your phone. It should only take a few minutes and is nearly guaranteed to get you on the latest app version.

    Sign Out and In

    Another way to fix the Safety Score not showing up in your Tesla App is to sign out and sign back in. You’ll need to know your username and password for the Tesla account.

    The Safety Score is only visible to the primary owner of the Tesla. So if you want to see the score, the App must use their login credentials. Perhaps someday Tesla will make this available to other non-primary drivers, but not yet.

    Restart Your Mobile

    One last cell phone related resolution is to restart your phone. Like the app, phones can have general software issues that are easily fixed by a quick restart. This is the tried-and-true IT fix for a good reason on many different devices, from phones to computers.

    You don’t need to do a factory reset or reset your settings. Simply turn off your phone and turn it back on. Then check your Tesla App to see if the Safety Score is visible.

    Drive a Few Miles

    Since the Safety Score is based on your driving habits, you need to drive the vehicle before it will show up. Your Tesla must be driven at least 0.1 miles (0.16 km) before it’s visible in the Tesla App.

    You also may have to wait for the App to show the Safety Score after you’ve first driven the car. It might show up almost immediately, or there might be a delay before it appears. If it doesn’t show up after driving it for the first time, try the above methods of restarting your phone or reinstalling the app.

    Reset the Safety Score

    Tesla created the Safety Score to get a reliable analysis of your driving habits, which can sometimes be used for insurance purposes. Because of this, they don’t design it to easily reset. 

    However, some people have had success resetting their Safety Score by opting out of the program for a short time and then opting back in. Another way to do this is by unsubscribing from the Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature and re-enrolling.

    These have mixed reports with some people being able to quickly reset their Safety Score and others not having as much luck.

    Keep the Latest Version of the App

    Another software issue can be caused by using outdated App versions. Make sure your phone regularly checks for a Tesla App upgrade. If you don’t let it do so automatically, then it’s important to check it manually. The new updates can cause significant changes to the way the Tesla App performs.

    Make Sure Connected and Stable Cellular Network

    The Safety Score relies on your car having a network connection so it can upload your driving habits and history for analysis. Only after it has successfully uploaded your driving data will a Safety Score be available.

    If you drive in an area without a stable cellular network connection, you might have issues with your Safety Score. You might get around this by parking near a WiFi network and connecting your Tesla to it.

    Full Self-Driving Software Update

    The Safety Score uses some of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) sensors and equipment as part of its calculation. So an important part of your Safety Score is to keep the Tesla vehicles and the FSD software up to date.

    You can check your software version and see if an update is available by ensuring a reliable WiFi connection, then touch “Software” on your Tesla’s touchscreen. It should prompt you to update if one is available.

    Where To See Tesla Safety Score

    The Tesla Safety Score should be visible in your Tesla App. To see it, follow these steps:

    • Open the Tesla App with the primary owner logged in
    • Tap Security
    • Look for the Safety Score

    Here is a YouTube video showing a few more details on how to see the Tesla Safety Score.

    Our Verdict

    If your Tesla Safety Score isn’t visible in your Tesla App, make sure your car has the latest software and your Tesla app is updated. You’ll also need to drive your vehicle first and have a stable internet connection.

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