Do You Need Coolant In Tesla?

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Teslas don’t need a lot of maintenance which is one of the advantages of buying an electric car. However, they still need coolant.

Tesla requires a special coolant to regulate the temperature of the battery and electronics in the car.

In our guide below, we will discuss which coolant exactly Tesla models use as well as how to service and fix any coolant issues you might have with your car.

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    Does a Tesla Need Coolant?

    Tesla cars need coolant because it keeps the battery and electronics cool inside. The coolant Tesla uses is a specific kind that doesn’t need to be changed regularly.

    Apart from keeping the car cool, Tesla needs coolant to increase the battery lifespan, stop breakdowns, and protect the car from electronic failure.

    Do All Tesla Models Need Coolant?

    Every Tesla model needs coolant to protect the battery. The type of coolant needed differs from model to model.

    The Tesla models 3, X, and S use a type of coolant called the G-48 ethylene-glycol coolant (HOAT) fluid.

    The Tesla Model Y uses the blue G-48 coolant or the orange-red HTF-LS coolant. This changes according to the manufacturing date of the car.

    Model Y has different thermal requirements to the other models. Therefore, a different coolant is needed.

    Why Does a Tesla Need Coolant?

    Without coolant, the battery inside your Tesla could overheat and cause electronic failure in the car. It could lead to a shortened battery life or other battery issues.

    In the colder months, water in the Tesla cooling system could also freeze without coolant.

    When Do You Replace Tesla’s Coolant?

    Under most circumstances, Tesla states that you don’t need to replace your coolant ever, it should last a lifetime.

    However, they recommend it’s a good idea to get your coolant level checked via a Tesla professional at least once a year. You can also check the coolant level each month to ensure its levels are right.

    Can I Replace The Coolant Myself?

    Tesla does not recommend changing the Tesla coolant yourself, it should only be done at a professional service center. Changing the coolant yourself could potentially void the warranty of the car.

    Most of the time, the coolant chamber is sealed, so you wouldn’t be able to access it without specialist equipment.

    The coolant in a Tesla will not need to be changed. If levels are low then it’s best to contact Tesla for them to service the car.

    Replacing The Coolant Via Tesla Service

    The best way to get your coolant replaced is via Tesla themselves. Tesla will typically flush and change the coolant in your car every 4 years or every 50,000 miles when a service is due.

    Tesla uses their special coolant as we mentioned above.

    To book a Tesla service, call your local service center. The first four years or 50,000 miles of your Tesla ownership will be covered by warranty for this service. After this, prices vary according to what you need changing or repairing.

    Why Is My Tesla Coolant Leaking?

    Your Tesla’s coolant may leak over time. This could be because of many reasons such as impact, worn components, or overheating.

    The Reason Why Your Tesla Coolant Is Leaking

    A lot of people mistake a coolant leak for the air conditioning water on a Tesla. Tesla has designed the excess water from the air conditioning to drain under the car. This can make it look like a coolant leak.

    If the liquid is a blueish color, then it is coolant. The most common cause for a leaking hose or gasket is that it gets worn down over time or may become damaged via impact. 

    It’s also possible that your Tesla has overheated therefore too much pressure inside the cooling system has caused a leak.

    The Harmful Consequences Of a Tesla Coolant Leak

    If you’ve got a coolant leak from impact, you may have to replace the whole battery in your Tesla. This can be expensive unless you have insurance.

    Trying to drive your Tesla with a low coolant level can cause the battery pack to overheat. This is very dangerous and will degrade your Tesla’s performance.

    Take your Tesla to be fixed as soon as possible when there is a coolant leak.

    How To Fix a Tesla Coolant Leak

    The best way to fix a Tesla coolant leak is by getting it serviced. Till you get your Tesla to the service center, you can attempt to put rescue tape on a leak or fill the coolant level.

    This can void your warranty if you fill the car with the wrong coolant and even damage it. Proceed with caution!

    We’ve listed some steps below to help you check the coolant level in your car so you can fill it till you get your Tesla coolant leak fixed.

    1. Open up the frunk of your Tesla, then pull up the maintenance cover.
    2. Remove the vents to gain access to the coolant reservoir. Most of the time, the color of your coolant will be blue, it has an artificial sweet smell.
    3. Check if your coolant level is low, the Tesla sensor should say and there will be a warning message on the screen.
    4. You can attempt to fill the coolant in your Tesla with the correct fluid if you can find it, this will be blue-G48 coolant. Tesla strongly recommends you don’t do this since they seem to have their special mixture for their coolant. You may also require a special refill tool for this.
    5. If you can see under your car where the leak is coming from, you can try to put some rescue tape around the hose to seal it. You may be able to purchase the hose part via your service center. Fitting the hose yourself will likely be too complex.
    6. If the coolant leak is caused by impact damage, the service center will likely replace the whole battery.

    How Much Does a Tesla Coolant Leak Cost?

    The cost to fix a Tesla coolant leak varies. Attempting to DIY could cost anywhere between $300-$500, but it could cost you more in the long run if you end up doing it wrong.

    Taking the car to a service center may cost about $500-$1000 depending on what causing it and what parts are needed for replacement. A whole new battery will cost much more which is why insurance is so important.

    Our Verdict

    Coolant is an important part of the cooling system inside a Tesla. It keeps the car running with high performance, prevents the battery from overheating, and stops electronic failure.

    Your Tesla will always signal to you when your coolant levels are low, this likely means there will be a coolant leak. To get your Tesla fixed take it to your local service center so they can repair the car, attempting yourself can void the warranty or make matters worse.

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