Best Tesla Gemini Wheel Covers

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If the two-tone Gemini wheel covers don’t fit your taste and you don’t want to spend thousands for black wheels, you can get new Tesla Model Y 19″ Gemini Wheel Covers. They’ll provide a fresh look for a fraction of the cost. 

I’ve reviewed countless options to bring you this carefully-curated list of the best options for Tesla Gemini Wheel Covers.

Our Tesla Gemini Wheel Covers

Best Model Y Gemini Wheel Covers Reviewed

KENPENRI Model Y Hub Protector Cover Kits – Best Overall

With superior protection and stunning style, these Tesla wheel covers are my favorite.

After putting them on, the entire car’s appearance looks tougher yet elegant. It’s amazing how much of an impact these affordable wheel covers have.

They also cover your Tesla Gemini wheels with a strong surface that can handle difficult driving conditions. On the back, they snap into place and use a soft sponge tape around the edge for an extra layer of protection.

Anyone can rapidly install the Tesla wheel covers. With a quick snap, it’s out with the old and in with the new. 

The fit is nice and snug, with perfect color and detail to make your Tesla look great. They have given my Midnight Silver Metallic car a more luxurious and sleek appearance. 

If you happen to bash a curb, the affordable wheel protector absorbs the damage and your wheels stay in mint condition. Best of all, KENPENRI sells these covers individually so you can easily replace the one damaged piece.


  • Premium construction and protection
  • Easy installation that stays secure


  • Only available in matte black

KAVANIC Model Y Wheel Cover -Best Price

When you want to stretch your range, getting new wheel covers for your Tesla can make a big difference. These affordable hubcap covers add an estimated 4% range or 10Wh/mi compared to the OEM covers. They reduce drag and look great while doing so.

The KAVANIC Wheel Covers have the look of the original Gemini ones, but with a matte black finish to like the rest of the trim. It matches the car’s vibe much better than the stock Gemini wheel covers.

Another aspect that sets these apart from the rest is the full rim coverage. Even if you bump into a curb, they protect your Tesla wheels from lasting damage. I love the OEM design, and the fact they offer single replacement covers in case of damage is a major plus!

You can choose to get a set with or without the Tesla logo in the center cap, yet another way to get the exact look you want. KAVANIC also offers two other styles of amazing Tesla Model Y wheel covers to choose from.


  • Range-extending design
  • Incredible price point
  • Excellent full-rim coverage


  • Robust coverage not for a minimalist look

XINFOOB Wheel Hub Cap Cover– Most Aggressive

When you want to tear down the road at breakneck speed, these Model Y Wheel Covers cut through the air. The swoosh-shaped style is a perfect match for those who want a more aggressive look. And they’re sure to catch eyes while cruising down the street.

With two choices for the center Tesla emblem, white or red, you can choose the one that matches your Tesla the best. XINFOOB also offers a set of wheel covers that look just like the Cybertruck ones.

I love the white emblem for Model Ys with the Pearl White Multi-Coat, but the red pops on Solid Black and Red Multi-Coat Model Ys.

The directional whirlwind design adds another sophisticated touch. But unlike other directional wheels that you can’t easily move from one side to the other, these can. You can still properly rotate your tires and get more longevity out of them.

On top of the jaw-dropping look, these are also a practical choice. They are durable and after using them for many months often parked in direct sunlight, they haven’t faded at all. The original wheel is fully covered and protected from scratches while driving.

Some people heard a cracking noise from these wheel covers, but the seller has implemented a fix to eliminate this problem. If you happen to get a set that still makes noise, just contact the seller and they’ll send the solution right away.


  • Awe-inspiring aggressive style
  • Two choices for the center emblem color
  • Directional look without the downsides


  • A snug fit means they’re slightly more difficult to remove

BASENOR 19 Inch Wheel Cover – Best Turbine

These Tesla Model Y Wheel Covers transform the 19″ Gemini wheels into the same look as the 20″ Induction wheels. But they don’t put a dent in your wallet like new wheels would.

The turbine design adds a punch of excitement that makes your Tesla look even more performance-focused. With three different center cap designs, you can get a serious visual improvement.

You don’t need any tools to install them in minutes. And when you need to take them off, there’s no residue left behind. 

These wheel covers add another layer of defense to keep your wheels in great shape. Even if you bump a curb or drive through rough terrain, the wheels remain protected.

When you get these in your hands, you can feel the high-quality materials and sturdy design. These are built to last and look great while doing so.


  • Upgrade 19” Gemini to 20” Induction look
  • Trend-setting sporty turbine design
  • Sturdy design with precision fit


  • Matte black is the only color choice

Mayde Model Y Replacement Wheel Covers – Best Minimalist

Instead of replacing them, you can use these minimalist Gemini wheel covers. They give a brand-new look that matches your vibe.

Available in matte black, gloss black, and gold finishes, it’s hard to beat this bang-for-your-buck customization. Rather than drop big money on a new look, you can throw these on in minutes for a much lower cost.

Using a premium ABS material, these wheel covers are impact-resistant and long-lasting. Plus, Mayde has upgraded their fit to ensure a flawless match for your Tesla Model Y 19″ Gemini wheels.

When you take them off, remember that they’re securely put in place with clips. Don’t tear them off wildly or else you’ll risk cracking them. I’ve taken these on and off countless times without causing any issues by using a little caution.


  • Meticulous minimalist design
  • Quick and easy installation with secure clips
  • Three different color choices including a gold finish


  • Need to use care while installing and removing

Our Verdict

You don’t have to spend big to get a fresh look for your Tesla Model Y wheels. These wheel covers can provide an updated aesthetic to your car using sleek and stylish options. 

Plus, all the wheel covers are slightly larger than the aero covers, which protects the wheels from curb rash and scratches better than the originals.

When you want the best, reach for the KENPENRI 19 Inch Model Y Hub Protectors with their superior style. Although there are free wheel cap covers, you can read our article “Best Tesla Wheel Cak Kit” to get a better cap cover with an amazing appearance.

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