6 Ways To Lock & Unlock Tesla Model Y Door

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Regarding high-end electric vehicles, Tesla is known for installing only the most advanced safety features. Locking and unlocking a car are crucial steps in maintaining its security system.

In this article, we’ll go over how to lock and unlock the Tesla Model Y using various keys such as the Tesla card key, key fob, phone, keyring, and Tesla app, and how to lock yourself inside the car.

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    Tesla Card Key

    You will be given two Key Cards by Tesla. These key cards allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle. When an RFID chip is programmed to work with a specific car, it will recognize it.

    To lock or unlock the door, you must bring the key card close to the door pillar, unlike your phone. You can keep a key card in your wallet or purse and tap the door pillar to unlock your Tesla and it might take a few seconds for the key card to register.

    Depending on your vehicle settings, the car will do the following when it is locked or unlocked:

    • The horn of the vehicle is heard (if Lock Confirmation Sound is on)
    • The outside lights flash.
    • The mirrors can be unfolded or folded (if this function is on)
    • The doors will then unlock or lock (depending on which state they were in)

    Key Fob

    Key fobs can be purchased as an accessory for your Tesla and used to lock or unlock the vehicle like you used to with your previous car. Buying a key fob is unnecessary because you have both key card and phone access methods.

    The remote button for the trunk or frunk, incorporated on the key fob, is a handy addition. Like a Tesla motor, their unique form is one of their most appealing features.

    While locking or unlocking your Tesla, press the key fob’s center (the highest point).

    Phone Key

    Getting into your Model Y using your phone as the Key is easy. You can unlock doors just by pulling the handle; a Bluetooth signal from your phone will become apparent as you approach.

    When you leave using your phone as your Key, the door locks behind you automatically.

    Follow these steps to authenticate your phone before using it to access Model Y:

    1. Download Tesla’s mobile app.
    2. Enter your Tesla account details to access the mobile app.
    3. Check that your phone’s Bluetooth settings are turned on.
    4. Ensure your Location is accessible. 
    5. Ensure on the vehicle’s touchscreen, Allow Mobile Access is selected.
    6. Touch the phone key then START on the Tesla mobile app to search for your Model Y.
    7. Tap the key card on the door pillar or center console card reader.

    Model Y can connect to three phone keys at the same time. If you detect over three phone keys and want to authenticate or pair a different phone, move the other connected phone key(s) out of range or disable its Bluetooth setting.

    Upon verification, a phone can be used as a phone key for Model Y even when not connected to the internet. 

    Certain cell phones supporting NFC can lock and unlock your automobile like a key card. Activate your phone’s NFC feature and properly pair the Tesla app with your vehicle.

    Hold the phone to the driver’s side door pillar once enabled to lock or unlock the door. 

    For specific instructions on how to do this, consult the instructions on your smartphone.

    Tesla Mobile App

    If you have the Tesla app installed on your phone, you can lock the door and walk away from your vehicle, which will stay locked. This holds as long as there is no confirmed key card or fob in the car.

    You need to set up your Tesla app before you can use it as a key. Here are the steps to follow:

    • Simply install the Tesla app, create an account, and you’ll be ready to go.
    • Put your phone into Bluetooth mode.
    • Turn on Location Services on your phone.
    • On the car’s screen, enable Mobile Access (Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access).
    • Touch the Phone Key and then Start in the Tesla App.
    • Tap Your Key Card on the door pillar to confirm vehicle detection.
    • If the app is successful, it will display Done.

    Key Ring

    The Tesla Ring is as straightforward to use as driving a Tesla. Programming the ring to function as a key for your Tesla vehicle should come first.

    The process is identical to adding any Tesla keycard:

    • Navigate to the car’s locks menu.
    • Press the plus sign.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.

    To open the door with a Tesla Ring, gently press your knuckles against the glass at the back end (B pillar) of the front door, just under the driver-side camera. 

    The only thing you need to be aware of is your hand position. The ring’s antenna works best if you tap the door with your fingers’ knuckles rather than the ring itself.

    Inside the Car

    Knowing that the doors are locked when you put the car in park at a crossroads or stop for a break is comforting. The good news is that locking your Tesla’s interior is simple.

    In the Settings menu, click the padlock icon. For your convenience, the icon also indicates whether the doors are locked or unlocked. 

    When you lock your vehicle, the doors and trunk will only lock once wholly closed.

    Our Verdict

    Tesla takes Security seriously, but because their vehicles are far more technological than other manufacturers, their attack surface is much larger, allowing attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Compared to other manufacturers, Tesla vehicles have a high level of Security. 

    Therefore, if you’ve lost your Tesla key card, here’s the solution guide for replacing it.

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