Tesla White Vs. Tesla Black Interior

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If you’re ordering your new Tesla, you will need to choose between the standard Tesla black interior or pay extra for the white interior.

The white and black interiors have the same vegan leather, so the choice is based on aesthetics. 

To help you make the difficult decision between the two, we’ve compared both of Tesla’s interiors and highlighted the main differences so you can decide between them.

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    Main Interior Features Of Tesla Black 

    If you decide on going all black with your Tesla’s interior, these are the standard interior features the car will come with. 

    • Dashboard with wooden details. 
    • Black steering wheel. 
    • Black leather seats. 
    • Black console and door.

    Main Interior Features Of Tesla White 

    Most of the interior features of the Tesla White remain the same as the Tesla Black, with a few accents of white on certain parts of the car. 

    • White dashboard accents. 
    • White leather seats.

    Differences Between Tesla White & Tesla Black 

    As we mentioned earlier, Tesla white and Tesla black interiors have the same Tesla vegan leather, so you might be wondering what are the main differences between them.

    Well, it all comes down to aesthetics and the different colors’ durability after long-term usage.

    We’ve listed the significant differences to consider below.

    The Style

    Both the Telsa white and black interiors are designed to be sleek. However, it is a running opinion in the Tesla community that the white interior looks better. 

    Many argue it makes the car look more spacious, which I agree with, and brightens the inside. It is helpful if you plan to tint all your windows out too, since it stops the car from feeling too dark on the inside. 

    If you choose the white seats, you will find that the seating surfaces are white, and a white bar will replace the wooden insert on the dashboard of the black interior Tesla.

    You should note that the white and black seats in Tesla are very snow-white, so it would be best to test them out in-store so you can get a feel for how bright they are.


    The black interior is standard when you buy your Tesla at no extra cost. 

    Going for the part white and black interior will cost you around another $1,000 or £1,100 for the Tesla Model 3. 

    Look at our table below to learn more about white interior costs for Tesla Model Y and Model 3. 

    CountryBlackModel Y White
    (Local Currency)
    Model 3 White
    (Local Currency)
    United StatesNo extra charge$1000$1000
    CanadaNo extra charge$1300
    MexicoNo extra charge$21600
    BelgiumNo extra charge€1200€1200
    CzechiaNo extra chargeKč32 000 Kč32 000
    DanmarkNo extra chargekr9500 kr9500
    DeutschlandNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    EstoniaNo additional charge€1000€1000
    GreeceNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    SpainNo additional charge€1050 €1050
    FranceNo additional charge€1190 €1190
    CroatiaNo additional charge€1194 €1194
    HungaryNo additional chargeFt458 000 Ft458000
    IrelandNo additional charge€1200€1200
    IcelandNo additional chargekr150000 kr150000
    ItaliaNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    LatviaNo additional charge€1000€1000
    LithuaniaNo additional charge€1000€1000
    LuxembourgNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    NederlandNo additional charge€1200€1200
    NorgeNo additional chargekr10000kr10000
    AustriaNo additional charge€1200€1200
    PolandNo additional chargezł5500 zł5500
    PortugalNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    RomaniaNo additional chargeEUR1200 EUR1200
    SlovakiaNo additional charge€1000€1000
    Republika SlovenijaNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    SwitzerlandNo additional chargeCHF1200 CHF1200
    SwedenNo additional chargekr13000 kr13000
    FinlandNo additional charge€1200 €1200
    UKNo additional charge£1100£1100
    IsraelNo additional charge₪‏4000 ‏‏₪4,000 ‏
    United Arab EmiratesNo additional chargeAED4500
    ChinaNo additional charge¥8000¥8,000
    HongKong (China)No additional chargeHK$9600HK$9600
    Macau(China)No additional chargeMOP$9900MOP$9900
    Taiwan(China)No additional chargeNT$37500
    JapanNo additional charge¥126000¥126000
    SingaporeNo additional charge$1500$1500
    ThailandNo additional charge
    KoreaNo additional charge₩1286000
    AustraliaNo additional charge$1500$1,500
    New ZealandNo additional charge$1700$1700
    Source: Tesla
    Date: 6-1-2

    Most people who opt for the white seats think this extra cost is worthwhile. 

    Cleaning & Maintenance 

    One of the biggest misconceptions about buying a Tesla with a white interior is that it will be harder to clean and potentially stain. 

    Although dirt is more visible on the white seats, they don’t stain thanks to the vegan leather’s hydrophobic coating; spills just bead up, and you can wipe them off.

    This was proved when Elon Musk made the ‘red wine challenge’ which saw Tesla owners pouring red wine on to their white seats (I know) to test just how stain proof they are. 

    Luckily, the wine did in fact wipe off with no residue.

    You need a standard auto cleaner detergent and a cloth to remove dirt.

    The black interior has the upper hand when showing dirt since it’s harder to see. Therefore, you can get away with cleaning them less often. 

    However, sweat, scratches, or sun creams appear like a wet mark on these seats and will stay until you wipe them.


    Some Tesla owners have argued that the white seats feel more soft and comfortable than the black ones, even though they have the same material. 

    This could be because they make the car feel more sleek and airy, making them feel more comfortable in turn. There might have also been a design upgrade in the last few years.

    Heat Reflection

    If you live in a hot climate, white Tesla seats will always be the winner since they reflect light and don’t absorb it like black seats. 

    But this is not a deal breaker since you can use the climate control app with the Tesla to set the temperature of your car at any time. You also can install a sunshade roof to reduce the temperature inside the car.


    In the long term, many would assume that the black interior will outrun the white interior regarding durability. 

    However, both last as long as each other; they don’t rip or stain and are kid and pet-proof.

    Just ensure you’re cleaning your seats regularly when dirt builds up.

    The Pros & Cons Of White & Black Teslas 

    We’ve summarized the pros and cons of each colored interior below to help you decide if those white seats are worth the extra money. 

    White Interior


    • These seats are unique and stand out since many opt not to pay for the upgrade. 
    • It looks excellent in bright sunlight. 
    • The white seats texture feels softer than the black (although this could be a design upgrade from 2021).
    • White seats are clean, sleek and don’t show dust or light-colored dirt like black seats.
    • Cleaning takes a few minutes, and they are stain resistant. 


    • It costs extra money. 
    • There is more maintenance cleaning involved. 
    • They show visible specks of dirt.
    • Dye transfer from clothing is more prominent.

    Black Interior


    • Cheaper to buy. 
    • Requires less frequent cleaning. 
    • Doesn’t show dirt. 
    • Durable and stain resistant.
    • No dye transfer.


    • It doesn’t give that same ‘premium look,’ which is spacious and airy. 
    • Shows sweat/oil marks.
    • Absorbs heat (not a big issue though with climate control).
    • Doesn’t feel as soft.

    Our VerdictIs

    In my opinion, I think it’s worth the extra money, and most Tesla owners on the forums agree. 

    There’s just something about those white and black trimmed seats that make your Tesla feel cleaner and more spacious; plus, they are easy to clean. 

    But the decision ultimately comes down to you and your budget. 

    If you have kids and pets in your car often, you must prepare to clean more since the white seats will show visible dirt and pet hairs.

    Are you hesitant to choose what color car, click to read this article to help you can make a quick decision.

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