Tesla Cool License Plate Idea

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The license plate is one of the coolest things you can have to personalize your TESLA car. Many drivers look at this as an opportunity to make a unique statement, or make fun of others. Tesla drivers love to display their sense of humor and troll fellow drivers. 

In addition, ordering a Tesla car might take a while, so you may want to go ahead and get creative until it arrives. This could be anything you would like to display on your plate. Our guide is here to give you some catchy decorations to go with. 

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    Pure Tesla

    The Tesla brand is a leading corporation in the car manufacturing business. what a cool futuristic touch it offers! Even with its distinctive body and the logo on both ends, it’s still cool to have the brand’s name on the license plate. 


    TESLA EV: The “EV” stands for ELECTRIC VEHICLE. It is a proud statement that electric cars’ drivers like to throw around very often. 


    BUY TSLA: Tesla owners love their cars. These cars are amazing machines and many people love them for many different reasons. It’s only normal for people to try and urge others to buy what to them is superior!


    TESLA MODEL: Some Tesla cars don’t feature rear letters which usually state the car’s model and battery type. If that’s the case, it would be a great idea to promote your car’s model on the plate. 

    Tesla; Electrical Car. 

    Tesla vehicles are electric cars that operate using advanced electric powertrain technology. They are powered by one or more electric motors and utilize a large battery pack to store electrical energy.


    REVOLT! This model S vanity plate showcases a very creative statement against the current car industry. The fact that these cars work on battery and volts, which is clearly a pun intended, makes this plate an awesome one. 


    SUN PWR: This license plate is a chicky way to hint out at the brilliance of Tesla cars. Since Tesla cars use electricity to run, it makes sense to harvest the sun power to charge it. 


    SO AMPED: This is another clever vanity license plate to flex while cruising around. The owner is using word play to show his excitement, and to also hint out the fact that his car runs on amps.

    CHARGE ME! What a funny way to say that all you need as a Tesla owner is to charge it and get going. 

    No Oil, No Gas:

    One of the humorous things Tesla owners like to do, is to make fun of people who are still driving the old fashioned gas powered cars. Many Tesla owners display a funny statement on their license plates mocking the conventional cars industry. 

    OIL LOL: You probably have used the LOL abbreviation like a million times by now. With gas prices shooting through the roof in recent years, this guy is for sure LAUGHING OUT LOUD!


    NO PETRO: No need for petrol! Sustainable wise, the ecosystems could really benefit from a change like this. However, petroleum isn’t only used in the car industry, so there is still a long way toward a “NO PETROL” world. 


    BY2 GAS: This Tesla owner seems too happy that he will never have to fill gas ever again. Indeed buying a Tesla really means goodbye to gas. All you need is a charging port and electricity to power up your car. 

    NiKola; Father of electricity!

    In July 2003 Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning co-founded Tesla Motors. They settled on the name as an attribute to the electrical engineer and the father of electricity Nikola Tesla. In today’s world, many Tesla owners like to celebrate the inventor of electricity by showcasing his name on their license plate. Seeing that electric cars wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for him, this creative idea is actually brilliant. 


    Elon Musk. 

    In February 2004, Elon Musk became the CEO of Tesla motors after investing $6.5 million to help fund the company. Since then he has made significant changes and brought innovative creations. In 2008 the company released its first total electric car, the roadster.


    THX ELON: Many Tesla owners like to dedicate a special thanks to the person who helped make their car as great as it is. These license plates show how grateful owners are for the cars Tesla motors alongside its CEO deliver. 

    Conserving the environment:

    In recent years, electric cars have become the focus of many drivers around the globe. Various groups of people including environmentalists and green life supporters choose Tesla as a way to help preserve nature. 


    CO2FREE: What a clever way to say that owning a Tesla helps preserve nature. Tesla cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, which means they do not release carbon dioxide (CO2) or other harmful pollutants during operation.


    IMGRNRU! At first glance, this might look like a bunch of random letters, but you might wanna take a closer look. This genius license plate reads “I am green, are you?”


    NOPLANETB: This plate displays a very important reminder. There is no other alternative to our blue world, which urges us to do our utmost to preserve it. 

    Video games/movies

    Tesla vehicles are known for their impressive acceleration and speed. Maney video game fans and film lovers use references from their favorite movie or game just to show how badass their car is. 


    JET1CAR: Jedi Car! This star wars reference makes one of the coolest license plates on a Tesla. The owner is probably a big fan of the franchise, living his best days as a Jedi cruising in his jet car.


    PWR JET: The world play here is very cool promoting the Tesla as a futuristic power jet roaming space. 


    Power up!: The term refers to a special item or ability that enhances a player’s performance or grants them temporary advantages within the game. Maybe it is time to buy a Tesla and power up!

    Personalize your own thing.

    The idea here is that there is no limit to one’s imagination. It could be your name, a unique phrase, or something meaningful to you. Check these plates below and how each owner has his own touch on the license plate. 

    NINJA!: If this guy thinks he is a ninja in his awesome ninja car, who’s to say no! Although, It would’ve been much cooler if this is on a black edition Tesla.


    DVELUPR: Seems like this guy is very proud about what he does for a living. If your work sounds as cool as being a Developer than yeah, you could have that on your license plate. 


    LEOPURR: Leopards are one of the fastest hunters and are capable of reaching impressive speeds in short bursts, Just like a Tesla! These electric speed demons will have you zooming down the road faster than you can say “Elon Musk”.

    How Long Can a Custom License Plate Be?

    Every state allows different license plate lengths. You can find related information below:

    StateVanity Plate LengthStateVanity Plate LengthStateVanity Plate Length
    Alabama5Louisiana7 (dashes & periods allowed)Ohio7
    Alaska6Maine7 (dashes & ampersands allowed)Oklahoma7 (dashes allowed)
    Arizona7Maryland7Oregon6 (plus dash)
    California7Michigan7Rhode Island7
    Colorado2 to 7 (dashes & periods allowed)Minnesota7 (dashes allowed)South Carolina7 (ampersands allowed)
    Connecticut7Mississippi7South Dakota7
    Delaware7 (ampersands allowed)Missouri6 (plus space, dash or apostrophe)Tennessee7
    Florida7 (dashes allowed)Montana7Texas7
    Hawaii6 (dashes allowed)Nevada7Vermont7
    Idaho7New Hampshire7 (special characters allowed)Virginia7 (plus space or dash)
    Illinois7New Jersey7West Virginia8
    Indiana8New Mexico8 (special characters allowed)Wisconsin7
    Iowa7New York8Wyoming4-6
    Kansas7North Carolina8 (special characters allowed)Washington7 (dashes allowed)
    Kentucky7 (dashes allowed)North Dakota7Washington D.C.7

    Our Verdict

    To summarize, you can create and decorate your Tesla’s license plate in whatever way you like. Think about a cool statement or a funny reference that will have people amazed and have your car stand out.

    Just be sure to check with your local DMV  to Confirm that the desired plate combination is not already in use or reserved by someone else. 

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