Tesla Winter Easy Tips and Tricks

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Winter driving has its challenges for EV owners. Leaving their owners riddled with “range anxiety”.

But luckily for Tesla owners, Elon has covered with many exclusive features. In fact, Tesla beat 28 other EV models in a recent winter range test taking place in Norway.

Let us look at the many features that place Tesla at the top of the pile.

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    7 Tesla Features in Winter

    What Is The Snowflake Icon?

    Your Tesla will display a snowflake icon on the touchscreen. Indicating that power limitations are in place due to the current climate. Although operating your Tesla in this state will not cause any damage. Owners will notice a slump in their regenerative braking and acceleration efforts.

    Luckily, making that pesky snowflake disappear is pretty straightforward. Preconditioning 15 minutes before use is ideal. But driving and charging are also effective options. Tesla recommends owners maintain a 20% charge to use their preconditioning feature. This is a vital tip for the cold season.

    Defrost Mode

    The “Defrost” feature within your climate settings (found in the climate section) will activate the climate controls. Clearing the windshield and mirrors of dreaded ice and snow, ensuring visibility. Owners can activate this feature from the Tesla app

    Icy Doors

    Sticking door handles due to ice is a common problem. Luckily for Model 3 and Model Y owners, Tesla has added a “Door Unlatch” feature during update 2022.36. This feature unlatches the driver’s side door. Allowing space to pry it open yourself.

    For Model X and Model S owners, your powered handles still rely on some elbow grease if they freeze. So Tesla advises you to bump your fist’s around the handle’s edge until release.

    Defrosting Your Windshield Wipers

    Turn on the windshield wiper defrost function, and direct airflow to the windshield to clear snow and ice from the wiper blades.

    Click on the wiper defrost icon in the climate control pop-up window to turn on this feature

    The wiper defrost will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. And it will be accessible when the temperature drops below 10°C (50°F).

    If you’re in a rush, Wiper Service Mode makes your wiper blades far more accessible to remove ice and snow by hand.

    Setting Your Tesla Departure Time

    The battery is easy to lose power in in the extremely cold weather. So setting the departure time when charging at night will help you have more power.

    You should use the “Departure Time” feature. Navigating between Controls > Charging > Schedule Departure to activates this feature.

    Auto Folding Mirrors

    Auto-folding mirrors are an issue during the winter months. Ice and snow can lodge between the mechanism. Leaving the folded mirror stuck in its folded position.

    Navigating between Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Fold. Tesla owners can disable this feature in preparation for an icy morning.

    Cabin Climate – Seats And Steering

    Using the Tesla app, owners can precondition the cabin of their automobile. Allowing owners to preset the temperature of their interior before departure.

    The Tesla app also supports the remote operation of your heated seats. In fact, update V11 added the “Auto” heated seats feature. This begins optimizing your Teslas heating mechanism based on cabin temperature. Tesla’s heated seats will lower in temperature over time before disabling itself.

    You can also operate the Heated steering wheel from the Tesla app within the “Climate” section.

    4 Easy Driving Settings 

    Acceleration “Chill” Setting

    Your Tesla arrives with an array of acceleration settings. You can find them by navigating to the “Acceleration” section of your Teslas settings. The lowest setting, “Chill” limits acceleration providing a smoother ride. In fact, this setting is a lifesaver during cold weather.

    The “Chill” setting directs the heat pump to focus on cabin temperature. Preventing your battery from prioritising range-eating acceleration.

    Steering Mode – Comfort

    Let’s take a look at another feature in the “Pedals & Steering” section of your Teslas settings. owners can start “Comfort” steering—A feature which increases steering sensitivity, allowing greater manoeuvrability at lower speeds.

    Off-Road Assist

    “Off-Road Assist” balances torque between the front and rear motors. Optimizing traction when stuck on ice or snow. It’s important to disable this mode to ensure traction control remains active.

    Owners of the RWD Model 3 and Model Y will not have the “Off-Road Assist” option. In this situation, owners can disable traction control in the “Pedals & Steering” section. Allowing their wheels to spin, a handy tip for slippery surfaces.

    Low Regenerative Braking

    Within the “Pedals & Steering” settings, owners can alter their preventative braking.

    Setting regenerative braking to “Low” prevents loss of traction. Perfect for navigating icy roadways.

    Tire Inflation

    Checking Tire Pressure

    To view your tire pressures, navigate between the Controls > Service. Owners can choose to toggle between Bar and PSI.

    Tires lose around 2 PSI for every 50° F (10°C) drop in temperature.Also, on your touchscreen, Tesla will recommends tire pressures for cold weather operation.

    Snow Tires

    According to consumer surveys, winter tires can increase traction by up to 34%! Don’t worry, Tesla itself sells winter tires for each of their models.

    Tire Chains

    The use of tire chains is exclusive to the rear tires of a Tesla. Your Tesla supports chains for “18 to 19” inch tires. Recommended König snow chains feature in the Tesla store.

    Our Verdict

    The key takeaway for Tesla owners is “Preconditioning”. Owners should remember to precondition their Tesla during winter to retain range. The cold weather is a key problem for most EV’s today. Luckily for Tesla owners, your EV is more than well-equipped to take on the dreaded winter months.

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